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Finally, I've started to post some of the tools I use. You may find it useful.

These web pages use theWebsite schema and stylesheets, derived from the docbook schema, an Oasis project with a significant history. The stylesheets were developed by Norm Walsh, to whom many thanks. Using this system makes the maintenance of these pages so much easier. Each page as you see it is one file which may be updated individually; the stylesheet taking care of all cross links, basically doing all the hard work for me. Thanks Norm.

What's New

Sept 2012

Webhost moved from netweaver.com due lack of support

June 04

Split out the XSLT 2.0 material into sections

Sept 03

I've started to use relax-ng... and guess what :-) The start of an FAQ

July 2003

Moved on to Website 2.5 and docbook stylesheets 1.60. Aren't catalogs wonderful ;-)

(and I've started an nEcho weblog based on [insert final name here] )

June 2001

Moved on to website 2 and docbook stylesheets 1.39. Thanks Norm Walsh!

April 1 2001

Moved to docbook 4.12, website 1.10, dbx 1.34 stylesheets, Saxon 6.22

November 1 2000

Moved the website home!

September 3 2000

Updated XSLT FAQ Index, thanks to Jeni T! Now standard docbook xml file

July 30 2000

FAQ sections 2.1 to 2.3 integrated into single section.

July 18 2000

The pig is back :-)

And website now hosted by Freeserve.

16 April 2000

Converted to use Norman Walsh website DTD.

24 Feb 1999

First release.

For those interested, I've finally done the me page

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