A few words about the host.

Photo of DaveP, in front of the computer, at home

I was introduced to SGML, and hence XML, via the infamous XML-DEV list, when I was tasked with reviewing multi-media publishing for RNIB and delved into the subject, almost never to return.

I then had a systems and software background in the Aerospace industry until I moved to my present location, some eighty miles North of London, England. Originally from Yorkshire, the biggest and best part of England, I've lived in the flatlands of Lincolnshire, the other (I shan't say wrong) side of the pennines where my two children were born, then via a brief sojourn in London, then to Bedfordshire, still far too flat for my liking, although I enjoyed the stay.

My interests tend to focus on technologies XML based. I find Scheme the most interesting of the programming languages I've looked at, which is not to say that I find it easy to use. It has this magic quality of being easy for easy stuff, yet more than capable of meeting quite stringent needs for tasks its meant for. I played golf to a handicap of 14, although I had to look hard when my wife reduced her's to 13. I have a partially lapsed interest in woodturning and cabinet making, having produced a small number of items I'm sufficiently proud of to declare them as mine, including two chests of drawers, a full length mirror with 4' turned posts, and even a double wardrobe.

I have an interest in Web Accessibility Initiative and related activities, through my work with RNIB.

I also hold a little information on Braille, the tactile language used by some readers,

I've worked on XSL-FO as editor of the WD until the group folded through lack of member interest. Early desires to print SGML led me into DSSSL and Scheme. I'm of the opinion that one reason for its small uptake was the lack of print documentary support, hence my contribution.

I'm now self employed, working from home.