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Revision History
Revision 113 October 2003
Initial announce
Revision 2.0Jan 2005

Moved to Linux host

Revision 2.12008-03-03

Added website documentation (4.5

Revision 2.22009-05-22

Added docbook setup tutorial

This is a collation of some Frequently Asked questions regarding Docbook. The initial focus will be on the XML version of the DTD, and the XSLT based stylesheets. Over time I may add faq's for SGML and DSSSL. I will need help there though!

I doubt if its possible to keep up with the latest revision of the stylesheets, so please excuse me (and let me know) if you find content that is out of date.


Revision 2.01 22 Jan 2005

The present organisation is based on my best guess of how the questions might be grouped. Its neither final nor fixed, I'll adjust as necessary.

If you wish to add to this set, please feel free. Input in docbook XML please, within <qandaentry> elements please.

For those interested in using docbook with their website. I've created documentation for versions 2.6 (of website) and 3.0 - which uses the docbook v5, namespaced source.


I've written a tutorial on setting up docbook, from a new user viewpoint. Comments appreciated. Here it is