An introduction to NVDL, ISO 19757-4

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Further work. Glossary, processing, actions

Table of Contents

1. Background
2. NVDL basics
3. Using Modes
4. Instance patterns
5. Triggers
6. Syntax
7. Rule Actions
8. Selective Validation
9. The NVDL processing model
10. schema Documentation
A. Glossary
B. NVDL Implementations
C. GNU Free Documentation License

List of Examples

2.1. A basic NVDL script
2.2. The schema for example 1
2.3. The xml instance for example 1
2.4. An XML instance using three namespaces
2.5. The three sections from Example 2.4
2.6. A possible schema for the full document
2.7. Importing schema
2.8. a reduced schema
2.9. The NVDL script for Example 2.4
3.1. Outline structure when using modes
3.2. A moded version of Example 2.9
5.1. A simple trigger example - the XML instance
5.2. A simple trigger example - the script
5.3. A simple trigger example - the schema used
6.1. Alternate schema usage
6.2. Nested modes
7.1. One condition, two actions
7.2. The validate action
7.3. Passing parameters to a validator
8.1. A schema to enable a root element of div for xhtml. file xhtmldiv.rng
8.2. The NVDL script for XHTML embedded in Atom
8.3. An XML instance using this schema
8.4. validate and context combinations
9.1. The NVDL script demonstrating attach processing
9.2. Mixing validate and attach
9.3. Script using unwrap
9.4. Script for case 5, mixed validate and unwrap
9.5. Script using validate, unwrap and attach
9.6. A null action script
9.7. No validation, using unwrap
9.8. validate, unwrap and attach example
9.9. Combining sections