Stylesheet writer contracts

Connecting stylesheet authors with business

Recent discussions have made me realise that XSLT stylesheet writers are not as common as I thought. Especially good ones. Equally, an organization looking for someone to write some stylesheets are unsure of where to go when they want a good job doing. Many agencies put out requests for a long list of skills, often including XSLT (seems like a good buzzword, include it) and hope to fill a post which may have a minor role for XSLT. I want to satisfy an organization that wants to let a contract which is mainly XSLT transformation.

As an experiment, I want to try and act as a go-between, connecting the business with the contractor.

If you think you have the XSLT (1 or 2) skills to respond to such a search, let me know. If you represent an organization that intends to hire a stylesheet author, let them know I'm here. I'll try and connect the two ends. Since this is experimental, I'll develop a filtering mechanism based on requests and offers.

I can be contacted using connections- .

If the service is found useful by stylesheet authors and businesses, I'll retain it.