1. Where to find XSL examples
2. Library of XSLT stylesheets

Where to find XSL examples

Eric van der Vlist

You'll find many pointers related to XSL on the ODP
	  and you are welcome to submit more if you find some.
Also from Stuart Zakon, You can see an example of using
XSL to convert XMI (UML persisted in XML) to HTML at the following


Chris Bayes also offers:

XSL-Microsoft Chris's site xml guru Mike Kays book

XSLT easy

Chris's site Wrox

XSLT complex

Jeni Tennisons site XSL Tricks Oliver Becker Wrox site

XSLT very complex



Library of XSLT stylesheets


At sourceforge The XSLT Standard Library, xsltsl, provides the XSLT developer with a set of XSLT templates for commonly used functions. These are implemented purely in XSLT, that is they do not use any extensions.

Goals of the xsltsl project include:

Provision of a high-quality library of XSLT templates, suitable for inclusion by vendors in XSLT processor software products.

Demonstration of best practice in XSLT stylesheet development and documentation.

Provide examples of various techniques used to develop XSLT stylesheets (ie. a working FAQ).