1. XSL engines for Linux
2. XML and Linux


XSL engines for Linux

Rafael R. Sevilla

There are a lot you can try:

Saxon (
Xalan (
XT (

These are the only ones I've tried so far. All three have Java incarnations. Xalan has both Java and C++ versions. The fastest among the three is XT. Saxon is at least twice as slow, but I hear it adheres to the standard better. Xalan is interesting, because the latest Java incarnation allows you to compile your XSLT stylesheets into Java 'translets', haven't gotten this to work yet though, but presumably that should be a lot faster than even XT.

Daniel Veillard wrote: Though it's not shipped yet in 7.1, libxslt (and libxml2) are part of RawHide and will be in the next Red Hat releases (and I assume a number of other Linux distributions).

Steve M adds:

Oracle has robust XSLT implementations in Java, C, and C++ as well if you are wanting to experiment with multiple implementations.

The 9.0.1 Production release has significant XSLT performance improvements over previous releases, that already were good performers before these improvements.

Jim adds

Sablotron has a simple xslt engine that you can compile and get a command line binary


XML and Linux

Uche Ogbuji

I've started a series of articles for LinuxWorld covering practical XML for Linux. In this first part I give, among other things, a sort of whirl-wind, poor-man's intro to namespaces and XSLT. See