1. Where can I find a quick XSL tutorial
2. A tutorial
3. A new XSLT tutorial
4. [ANN] XSLT tutorial
5. A collection of transforms.


Where can I find a quick XSL tutorial

Nic Miloslav

The Zvon site was redesigned and new XSLT materials were added:

XSLT Reference (Zvon)

covers complete XSLT and XPath specifications
most features are demonstrated on examples
names of elements, attributes, functions, and axes in examples are linked to their description
contains links to interactive X Lab

X Lab:http://www.zvon.org/cgi-bin/xlab/bin/index.py interactive laboratory of XPath and XSLT :

colors XML documents based on inputed XPath
colors XML documents based on inputed xsl:key and key() function
evaluation of xsl:value-of
evaluation of number and string functions
number formating

There is an XPATH tutorial at: http://zvon.vscht.cz/ZvonHTML/Zvon/zvonTutorials_en.html

A Schematron tutorial at: http://zvon.vscht.cz/HTMLonly/SchematronTutorial/General/contents.htmlIt demonstrates some strength of Schematron.

And a Reference pagecontaining all the contents of XSLT and xpath, linked to examples! New as of August 2000.


A tutorial

Jeni Tennison

There were a couple of posts a bit ago saying that a collection of my contributions might be useful, so I've put together a website at to hold them. The site's available in HTML and in XML for those with a compliant browser (e.g. IE + MSXML3).

I've put some of my posts (June & July) in categories and tried to give them sensible names for now, but this is all a preliminary to putting up some proper tutorial pages. Please let me know privately if there are any areas that you'd particularly like me to work on first.

I hope you find it useful - do get in touch if you have any comments.

I've also added a short tutorial on using the Muenchian Method (keys) for grouping at jennitennison.com


A new XSLT tutorial

Stuart Zakon

We have also recently finished our first release of a new XSLT tutorial entitled XSLT by Example, which may be found at:

See objectsbydesign.com

These new pages are a companion set to our original XMI to HTML pages. Here the focus is a tutorial on the mechanics of XSLT, which are taught using our XMI to HTML stylesheet. The tutorial is appropriate for beginner to advanced intermediate XSLT developers.

We welcome any and all comments, suggestions and contributions.


[ANN] XSLT tutorial

Henning Behme

we (iX Magazine) have put our three part XSLT tutorial online - first in German (starting in December), now in English as well. It begins with basics and closes with trying out AxKit (v 1.2) for serving XML sources dynamically.

Starting point in English is iX Magazine ...


A collection of transforms.

J.M. Vanel

wwbota has a nice collection of useful XSLT transforms, models and reusable fragments under GPL, involving HTML tables, XML Schema, HTML GUI, MathML, SQL analogy, etc. This has been developed as part of the "Worlwide Botanical Knowledge Base" project, ( http://wwbota.free.fr/ ).