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Processor Version

Tony Graham

I have a stylesheet for detecting the version of an XSL processor, with the eventual aim of getting people to use the stylesheet and include the result when they post a "why doesn't this work?" question to the XSL-List.

The stylesheet uses elements in both the old and the current XSLT namespaces so it works with both IE5 (plus older versions of other processors) and current XSLT processors, but it's hardly elegant.

I'm looking for suggestions for improvements both in the dual-mode operation of the stylesheet and in the identification of the version of specific processors.

To use the stylesheet with IE5, save it to a file named "processor-version.xsl" then double-click on it in Windows Explorer.

To use it with other XSL processors such as XT, run the stylesheet on itself.

Now (2008) updated to support XSLT 2.0 system properties, see <a>Mulberrytech.com</a> for the stylesheet