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XSL-FO Book on sale

Dave Pawson

My XSL-FO book (the fox book) is now on sale; 260 pages solely on XSL-FO, published by O'Reilly, available at great discount from Amazon. Enjoy. Modestly good reviews so far.


XSL-FO documentation

Michael Smith

> I am looking for documentation and tutorials on XSL:FO.  I have read 
> through w3c, as well as a 
> chapter from Elliotte Rusty Harold's book - XML Bible - 

Maybe try these:

G Ken Holman announces:

Practical Formatting Using XSLFO

Subscription price includes free updates, soft-copy of all included examples, and an accessible rendition and 10 PDF renditions. Free download preview excerpt. See Kens page.

Ednote: Google now shows a good selection.

Antenna House
Etc. Google for xsl-fo tutorial