1. XSL DTD - May 2000


XSL DTD - May 2000

Nikolai Grigoriev

We at RenderX have prepared a temptative version of a DTD for the recent draft of XSL FO. You can get it from the renderx website

Some notes:

all properties are made inheritable - either by default, or by an explicit 'inherit' value; this precludes proper control of attribute occurence;

fo:wrapper and other "neutral containers" inhibit the possibility to distinguish between inline and block context.

Therefore, this DTD is inevitably weaker then that of the previous draft.

The goal of the DTD is practical - to ensure that forthcoming test files have a correct structure. In some places, we have made it more restrictive than the draft; this is described in the comments in the body of the DTD.

Please note that the DTD is alpha - we haven't enough XSL FO tests to debug it properly. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.