Fonts and characters

1. fonts in fop


fonts in fop


To elaborate: a glyph is what is shown on the monitor or the paper. A font basically provides a mapping from character codes to glyphs. If the font does not provide such a mapping for a certain character code, you are out of luck. You can use some other utility, for example the Windows font viewer, to confirm whether your font provides a glyph for a particular character or not.

BTW FOP specific question should be asked on the FOP user list.

> Am I supposed to add something to my command line or change my fo
> coding? (Sorry, I just started using the FOP engine.)

Did you read apache- fonts or See apache- characters


W. Eliot Kimber

> once again I'm having a little Problem using FOP. I'm
> using the fo:character entity to render the special
> chars „ and “ like in the following example:

> <fo:character character="&#x201E;"/>Ort<fo:character
> character="&#x201C;"/>

There's no need (or should be no need) to use fo:character in this case it's equivalent to just having the character there as literal data. You would only need fo:character if you wanted to apply specific properties to just that character. Eliminating the fo:character markup would eliminate any chance of unwanted whitespace being introduced.