Stylesheets for XML Recs/WDs

1. Stylesheets for XML Recommendations.
2. XSL-FO stylesheet for XHTML


Stylesheets for XML Recommendations.

Nikolai Grigoriev

We have deeply reworked our XSL FO stylesheet for XMLSpec 2.0. In its current version, it provides a reasonably nice coverage of five W3C papers: XML Spec, XML Namespaces, XSLT, XPath, and - finally - XSL FO Draft (the last one). At Renderex you can find the stylesheet with more comments, plus XSL FO versions of each of the above documents, and PDFs generated by our renderer.

In my opinion, XML Spec, XPath and XSLT are quite convincing; XML Names and XSL FO are worse, because we haven't implemented the automatic table layout yet.

For those interested in benchmarking: the XSL FO WD is by far the heaviest document of the set. Figures are:

XT processing time: 6:30 min
size of the resulting FO: 3 MB
total pages: 337
FO2PDF processing time: ~45 min net process time, >1 hour due to memory swapping
size of the resulting PDF: 9,4 MB
total virtual memory allocated: ~390 MB

All measurements were performed on Pentium III-500, 256 MB RAM, running Windows NT.


XSL-FO stylesheet for XHTML

Max Froumentin

 >  Is there a basic XSL stylesheet for XHTML out there -- 

Never underestimate, ;)

You will find my humble attempt at such a stylesheet on the W3C website

It's based on Steven Pemberton's xhtml-default.css which describes a default rendering of XHTML.