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xml and cobol


> Does anyone know if there are packages available today 
> which can be called by a cics program which can parse 
> an xml message into a cobol copybook
> format and visa versa?



A commercial offering:, Dave Overall says, "Redvers Consulting markets a COBOL XML Interface that generates and parses XML for COBOL applications in batch, message or CICS mode. The product its self is sold in COBOL source code form so that it can be compiled and run on any platform. As far as I know Redvers Consulting are the only company that sells COBOL source code in this way. Further information can be found at redvars consulting"


Cobol and XML

Pete A. Puhl

Ednote: Not really XSLT, but sufficiently rare to be worth adding

XML Thunder is a visual XML designer and code generator specifically designed for creating XML data handling program code. Using XML Thunder, developers can easily create XML processing program code, called XML handlers, in a highly productive visual environment.

It can be used to design and generate two distinct types of XML handling program code, XML Writers and XML Readers. An XML Writer is a subprogram that uses data passed to it to create an XML document and writes it to a data buffer. Conversely, an XML Reader is a subprogram that parses XML data passed to it in a buffer and populates the corresponding program data structures.

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