Case for XSLT

1. Case Study in Website Maintenance Using XML


Case Study in Website Maintenance Using XML

Steve Rosenberry

For any who are interested, Electronic Solutions Company (ESC) is making available a case study of a recently completed website project where client maintenance of the website's content uses XML technologies. The study can be found at: electronicSolutions

The case study outlines the technologies used to allow the client to modify their website content within tightly defined boundaries. All website content is maintained within XML files that are transformed to XHTML for public consumption using XSLT. The XML files are also used with a second set of XSLT files to provide form-based editing of the XML by the client to modify a page's content.

Also discussed are the development methodology and the always necessary "lessons learned". (How else can we call it a "Case Study"? :) A working demo of the project is available to see the solution in action. This has only been tested on IE 5.5 and 6.0 in a Windows environment.