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2. Catalogs (as in library catalogs, not XML catalogs)
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Catalog references


Elliotte offers: Managing XML data: XML catalogs

I like: Norm Walsh's piece.

And of course, the 1.0 version of the spec, at the Oasis site. This is the reference committee page. Note the implementation links.

In 2005, Norm and friends brought out this, which is the 1.1 version. (March 05). They unthinkingly seem to have published it in PDF only. How ill mannered of them.


Catalogs (as in library catalogs, not XML catalogs)

Peter Ring

Just in case you got here thinking this was about library catalogs, its not. Peter gave us this set of references.

Dublin Core is much in vogue these days. Before you jump on that bandwagon and use DC for your repository, please bear in mind that DC was designed for easy information discovery and exchange on the net, not for precise and dependable cataloguing.

Do spend some time considering when and how you update the catalogue, and how you want to search, publish, or otherwise exchange information in the catalogue.

A few bibliographic links that I find interesting:

IFLA DIGITAL LIBRARIES Metadata Resources ifla.fr Cataloguing and Indexing of Electronic Resources ifla.org

UKOLN Metadata ukoln.ac.uk

DESIRE Metadata Registry ukoln.ac.uk

BIBLINK ukoln.ac.uk

Online Computer Library Center oclc.org

RefDB refdb at sourceforge


XML catalogs

Alan Houser

The XML catalog mechanism should provide the functionality you need. See Norm Walsh's article at Arbortext. Robin has kept a local copy too, see the cover pages. and the more recent copy at the sun site. Just in case :-)