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David Carlisle

> How do you translate certain things? E.g., what about entities like
> '&' that should appear as '\&', or escaping bare $-signs?

You could to that with a string-replace template (many variants of which have been posted on this list) but really there is no need. The "special" characters like & \ % are not really special to TeX, they are only special by virtue of the default catcode settings, and suitable for hand authored TeX. For machine generated TeX you may as well just make all of these ordinary characters.

See the stylesheet for making the pdf versions of the MathML spec (in the XML zip archive of the spec) This uses pdflatex, but with a setup that makes all these characters normal (and uses #, pound character as the catcode0 escape character , so #section{...} etc. As I happened to know that there were no pounds in the MathML spec this saves on having to check for and quote special characters.